Since 1997 we LACS operate in the field of city planning, road safety, sport fields resin, urban landscaping beautification.

Our mission is to beautify black asphalt unidentified surfaces using resins and colors of high performance with a low content of pollutants components.

What's about results? They are under your eyes: new urban architecture, new walkways, plazas, and traffic calming solutions, cycle lanes, parking lots, interactive playgrounds parks, always certified and implemented in full respect for environment.



AsphaltCoat LINE

From the great experience of LACS in coloring black asphalt it comes the specific products line called AsphaltCoat

AsphaltCoat  means  the possibility to select from a great number of colors and also to mix one to another in order to obtain a custom color.

AsphaltCoat  means resins mono or bi-component, all eco-friendly because of their low contents of solvent elements.



We are looking for new commercial opportunities.

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